Our Services

Highest Level of Service

Whether you will be acquiring new or used equipment as well as refinancing current debt, GSP has the particular financial solution you are interested in. Mobility in designing alternatives for our customers is a new trademark of our organization.

Highest Level of Service

We direct our shoppers through the loan method from application to credit history approval to shutting. Often the process is streamlined to offer you fast, responsive and custom made levels of service.

A Focus on Business Growth

EFC’s  financing services allow you to focus on company growth. Our expertise helps you acquire the aggressive borders you may need in today’s marketplace.

Principal Activities

Our principal activities remain focused on the following activities:

LEASE FINANCE: The principal focus of the Company is on the business of lease financing of capital goods for Industries such as plant, machinery and equipments, construction equipments, marine/road transport, medical equipments, office equipments, power generators, boilers, electrical equipments etc.

GSPB emphasizes strongly on diversifying its sector wise portfolio and identifying the optimum strategies for the top end of corporate business houses, private entrepreneurs and a keen desire to expand the portfolio between small and medium business houses.

It aims at assisting clients to understand the dynamism and flexibility of lease finance and identify the characteristics of the market for exploiting dormant opportunities.

MERCHANT BANKING: Under this unit, the Company’s principal focus is on financing Capital Market such as Mutual Funds, Bridging Loans, Underwriting, Issue management, Pre-IPO Placement management, Portfolio management and Investments in Shares, Stocks, Bonds, Debentures or Debentures Stocks.

MONEY MARKET OPERATIONS: The company is also engaged in money market activities (placing and accepting of Term Deposits) primarily in connection with its lending/funding operations.

OTHER FINANCIAL MARKET OPERATIONS: The company plans to focus on diverse financial services like Hire Purchase, Venture Capital to finance medium sized companies with clean record, good and sound management. Short & Medium Term Lending to private ventures and public sectors also fall within the Company’s business strategy.